Monday, May 02, 2005

To Posterize or Not to Posterize

Amare Stoudemire is the hardest dunker in the NBA.

Shaq might put the most weight behind it and shake the backboard the most, but the Phoenix phenom is the biggest pound-for-pound dunker in the league. KG? Please, he takes off from a step out and doesn't bring down the house like Amare. King James can throw down, but he rules over the fast break dunk. This year's Slam Dunk Contest champion, the Hawks' Josh Smith, might elevate over and around people higher than Amare, and the dunker-formally-known-as-Air Canada might be able to twist, turn, write a short novel, and take a nap before he finally puts it through on you...

but the crown goes to Amare Stoudemire right now. This guy dunks over, through, and above anybody defenses can throw at him. He is the Prince of Posterization, the Duke of the Dunk, the Sultan of Slam, and any other title deserving of a guy who rules the skies and the shakes the earth with this throwdowns.


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