Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Most Logical Knicks Fix Ever

Here is the most poignant and intelligent fix for the current situation in Madison Square Garden. It's written by Mike Moreau of, and according to his bio, he's worked with pros like Chauncey Billups and Kevin Martin at the Basketball Academy and the Pro Training Center in Bradenton, FL. In this piece, Moreau addresses the Knicks as if a member of the staff.

It's the best advice to the Knicks I've ever had the pleasure of reading, despite (or maybe because of) the way in which Moreau tosses aside issues of ego, contracts and playing time that would obviously hamper this solution. To have a coach or member of the front office deliver this dose of reality to the Knicks would be a breath of fresh air not only as a fan of the organization but as a fan of the NBA and pro sports in general. The reason I loved reading this is the same reason that David Lee is a fan favorite -- there are just too few instances of coaches and players in pro sports who outwardly seem to give a damn, to truly compete (win or lose) as part of a whole rather than as individuals with similar jerseys, or to present themselves with an unselfish attitude for the betterment of the organization.

My two favorite pieces of advice from the article:

Eddy Curry and Zach Randolph: You cannot be on the floor together. This is a bad offensive scheme – it is not your fault. We need one of you on each unit and can interchange you throughout the game. Whoever has it going the best that night will be the guy on the floor down the stretch in the fourth quarter.

Zach: You are going to be the anchor of the second unit. Your attitude, effort and behavior last night in the Garden was a disgusting display of disrespect to our fans. You have a lot of making up to do to them. In order to learn to handle this assignment of coming off the bench, here is Manu Ginobili's cell number: 1-800-BE-A-PRO.


David Lee: Last season you shot 60% from the field, setting a Knick single season record. We rewarded you by sitting you behind a guy who is shooting 40% and plays half as hard as you do. That is our fault. No more will we have to see that "what kind of nightmare am I living" look on your face. You are a starter for life.


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