Thursday, July 10, 2008

Reilly's Farewell to Yankee Stadium

Rick Reilly has long been one of my favorite sports columnists. He recently left SI for ESPN, which is further proof that the company is taking over all of sports media, one talent at a time. Reilly is good friends with John A. Walsh, senior vice president and executive editor of both ESPN, Inc. and, which I've heard is what contributed to his switch. (I was fortunate enough during my last college semester to talk to Mr. Walsh over the phone. Although the "Godfather of SportsCenter" has been around since the beginning, he's very sharp on the modern sports stuff.)

Anyways, Reilly has been a member of ESPN for a little while now, which hopefully won't detract from his writing style. (ESPN's writers tend to fall into the footsteps of Bill Simmons, you see, and repeat the same cliches until their creativity has been converted into a formula.) I'm reserving my reflections on my own Stadium experiences until the end of the season when it officially meets its fate, but Reilly's latest article from ESPN The Magazine is a great look at Yankee Stadium's history. It's summarized quickly and lined with humor, the way only Reilly can write. Enjoy.


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