Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Baby Bronx Bombers

I don't know what it is, but there is something appealing about youth in professional sports. Unfortunately for me, New York teams are supposed to win now or never, so rookies and young players are few and far between. This is no different for the Yankees. I've seen a more-than-generous helping of winning from the Bronx Bombers in my lifetime (witnessing 4 championships), and the mediocre play this year is difficult to stomach; but I am elated to see young guys getting some experience...guys such as 1B Andy Phillips, SP Chien-Ming Wang, and 2B Robinson Cano (just called up to start at second, moving Tony Womack to left, Hideki Matsui to center, and Bernie Williams to DH). I'm glad to see some young guys playing for the Yanks, with their aging pitching staff and question marks in center and at first. As much as I love marquee players like Jeter, Sheffield, Rivera, and A-Rod, there is something refreshing about the concept of the Baby Bombers contributing to this team.


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