Friday, May 27, 2005

Bud Selig is a Genius

I mean that in the most cynical way possible, but he has found a way to avoid setting off a potential weapon of mass destruction for his league (sort of). Major League Baseball recently tested several members of the San Francisco Giants, including Mr. Bonds himself. Among the others were SS Omar Vizquel, RP Jason Christiansen, SP Kirk Rueter, and RP Tyler Walker.

GREAT JOB MLB! That is just who they should be testing- a class act veteran like Vizquel who is defined by defense and small ball, two middle relievers, and a starting pitcher that paints the corners and tops out at 86 on his best day.

And then there is Barry Bonds. Congrats to Selig for finally testing the number 1 suspect...who hasn't played in months, dating back to the offseason. OF COURSE THE MAN IS GOING TO BE CLEAN! He has had every doctor available looking at him since the last of his three knee surgeries on January 31st. If he was taking steroids at all, they would be long gone from his system by now.

Selig is doing a masterful tightrope act in attempting to show the public that he intends on testing the big names- but c'mon Commish, do you think the public is this stupid? Stop trying to avoid potentially exposing an asterisk-worthy player and start salvaging any credibility the great power hitters in your game have left- players like Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez, Vlad Guerrero, and Manny Ramirez. Until that action is taken, the MLB testing policy is bogus.


At 4:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think you're stupid. first guy who got caught for steroids was some no name guy with bad career numbers. steroids doesnt automatically equal greatness, dont blame the great guys, test everyone. especially people you havent heard of. you are completely missing the point jason, the point is to clean up baseball because steroids are illegal drugs. thats the only reason congress is involved. congress wouldnt even be involved at all if the whole point was just to make the playing field equal and give everyone the same starting point without roids. the point is that roids are bad becos they are drugs, not because they give people muscle. im right. you're wrong. and arod sucks off jeter.


At 9:04 PM , Anonymous Jenn said...

TC, you have some decent points, but you don't sound very intelligent (see: "im right. you're wrong. and arod sucks off jeter"). It's true that congress is involved because steroids are illegal, and MLB should test as many players as possible. But there are players that are making baseball history with the numbers they're putting up, which shouldn't go into the record books if they're being produced by sterioids. If they're going to test anyone, they should be going after the biggest suspects first.

At 9:53 PM , Blogger Jay said...

TC- i'm gonna have to agree with jenn. Yes, baseball NEEDS to be cleaned up. but i think YOU missed my point- everyone wants to see big guys get tested- like Bonds who (as jenn said) rewrite history. It's very true that an equal playing field is a major factor, as cheating cannot be allowed in any sport, especially a worldwide boon like the MLB. HOWEVER, we are looking at something much larger here- the integrity and history of an entire sport and, in a way, a nation (nation's past time anyone?). Valid points TC (again with the unnecessary "ur right, im wrong, and arod sucks off jeter"...please keep it clean man). Keep commenting and reading, i appreciate it as always.


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